Secure Hosting

Maximum security for your website

With dotplex Secure Hosting you get everything you need for your secure website: One domain with HTTPS included, PHP 7 and MySQL for WordPress and other content management systems, as well as email hosting with extra-large 10 GB mailboxes.

We have 15 years experience in secure hosting and operate all servers ourselves in a high-security data centre in Berlin, Germany. Our focus has always been on innovative security technologies, and we were one of the first providers worldwide to introduce DNSSEC and DANE for the secure delivery of email.

Servers located in Germany

  • Fast connections throughout Europe

    Germany is located in the centre of Europe and is the home of DE-CIX, the largest internet exchange worldwide. In addition to DE-CIX, BCIX and ECIX, dotplex has multiple uplinks to transit carriers and guarantees fast IP connections to Ireland, Europe and the world.

  • High data protection

    Germany has one of the strictest data protection laws worldwide. Your data is stored exclusively on servers that are physically located in Germany.

  • High-security data centre

    We operate our own servers in a data centre in Berlin. High reliability is guaranteed by redundant internet uplinks and power feeds. Over the last decade we have consistently accomplished more than 99.9% uptime on annual average. More about dotplex

  • 100% green power

    All servers run with 100% electricity from renewable sources.


  • 10 accounts with 10 GB storage each

    Our mailboxes are substantially larger than other providers and therefore especially suited for professional email users. In addition, you can use 100 addresses as aliases or external forwarders. More accounts can be added anytime.

  • Send and receive your emails via Webmail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • All connections are SSL-encrypted and secured with DANE
  • Excellent spam and malware filter
  • Synchronise calenders and address books with CalDAV and CardDAV

    Compatible with iPhone, Android, macOS and more.

  • Use your email address for XMPP (Jabber)


  • One domain included

    ie, com, net, org,, uk, and many more on request

  • Additional domains from €2 per month

    Prices for additional domains

  • External domains

    You can add up to three domains that you have registered with another provider without charge.

  • All domains registered with dotplex are signed with DNSSEC

Superfast servers

  • Fast SSDs instead of spinning hard drives

    Traditional hard drives are still good for storing large amounts of data. That is why we use them for our backups. However on a web server, fast access times and high data rates are more important. Therefore all web and database servers at dotplex run with SSDs.

  • High-quality server hardware

    We exclusively use real server hardware with Intel Xeon CPUs and ECC memory instead of cheaper desktop hardware.

  • Sufficient reserves

    Our infrastructure is designed in a way that always leaves enough capacity for sudden traffic increases.

10 GB website storage

  • Hourly backups

    Your data is safe with dotplex: All servers have redundant SSDs in a RAID. Once per hour a backup is created on a separate storage system. In addition, we backup your data every night in a second data centre.

  • Redundant servers

    In case of a hardware failure we start your website immediately on a hot standby server, to keep downtime as short as possible.

  • Add more storage anytime

    10 GB storage for your websites is included. Prices for storage upgrades

Unlimited traffic

  • Fair Use

    There are no set limits and no unexpected costs. However, our Secure Hosting is not suitable for download services, online backups or similar uses. If your traffic is exceptionally high for a longer period, we reserve the right to contact you to discuss an individual solution.

Latest PHP 7

  • For WordPress, Drupal, all other PHP CMS and of course, your own apps
  • Technical details

    Currently you have the choice between PHP 7.2 and 7.3. At least until June 2020 we also still provide PHP 5.6.

MySQL databases

  • 10 MySQL databases

    So you can configure a separate database for each of your projects.

  • No storage limit

    There is no set limit for the database sizes, so your website is always online.

Just €15 per month

  • Total price inclusive of VAT and applicable taxes

    Price excluding VAT: €12.20. If your company is resident outside of Ireland, please provide us with your VAT ID to receive your invoice without VAT.

  • Pay by debit / credit card or by SEPA bank transfer.

    You can choose between monthly or yearly payment. With yearly payment you will receive a 3% discount.

  • One year contract

    Contract period is one year, starting on the day when services are provided. The contract will be automatically renewed by another year if not cancelled with one month notice.

  • Provisioning within 1-2 business days

    We will try to get you online as quickly as possible.

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