Server Information

Account configuration
Login:Your username / password

Email (for all services)
IMAP:SSL/TLS with port 143 / SSL with port 993
POP3:SSL/TLS with port 110 / SSL with port 995
SMTP:SSL/TLS with port 25 or 587
Username:Your email address
Password:Can be changed in the account configuration or in the webmail

XMPP / Jabber
Username:Your email address
Password:Your email password
Webchat:Within dotplex Webmail


Server:You can find the name of your server after logging in to the account configuration, e.g.
Port:SSL/TLS with port 21
Login:You can log in with your account configuration login or an additional account created there


Database name:Is displayed in your account configuration at MySQL > Datenbanken
Database user:The same as the database name
Database password:Can be changed in the account configuration

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Important notice: The content on this page is only applicable to your dotplex web hosting account or your email address with dotplex. If you do not have an account with dotplex, please contact your web hosting provider for any questions.