About dotplex

Professional and personal

Since 2005 we have offered secure and reliable hosting solutions from Berlin, Germany. In 2018 we started offering our full range of services in Ireland. We place great importance on personal consulting and customised services that stand out from standard hosting products. Let yourself be convinced by our client list.

Data centre

Our servers are physically located in the Carrier Colo data centre at Potsdam Square right in the city centre of Berlin. Carrier Colo provides us with cage footprints, IP transit and excellent support. Our servers are connected with 1 Gbit/s to multiple carriers and the internet exchanges DE-CIX, BCIX and ECIX. This guarantees fast connections to Ireland, Europe and the world.


Our servers and services are automatically monitored around the clock, every day of the year. In case of any problem, a server administrator is notified immediately. Over the last decade we have consistently accomplished more than 99.9% uptime on annual average. For maximum transparency and communication of service interruptions, monitoring data is published live at dotplex Server Status.

All servers, routers and switches are redundant. If for example one router stops working, within seconds a backup router automatically takes over. For all servers we have a backup that is never older than one hour, and that can be started on backup hardware without delay. Furthermore, some client servers run with high availability solutions, where a hot standby server takes over when a problem is detected, without any human interaction.

An hourly backup is created for all servers. We accomplish this with the snapshot cabability of the ZFS file system. In addition, a daily backup is stored in an external data centre. All backups are kept for at least 90 days and can be restored complete or in parts from any point in time.


We see the security of the server systems as our most important job. Well adjusted firewalls, prompt software updates and secure authentication are natural for us. All log-ins to mail servers, FTP and other services are only possible via encrypted connections. For the protection of your data all hard drives are fully encrypted. Domains registered with dotplex are signed with DNSSEC and mail servers secured with DANE.


All servers run exclusively on our own hardware. Unlike 'reselling' providers, we do not lease resources from other providers, but physically buy and operate all servers ourselves. Only this can guarantee the safety of your data.

We use only real server hardware which is more expensive than regular desktop hardware, but supports memory error correction (ECC). Rather than big appliances, we rely on many smaller servers that are energy efficient and economic. This increases system availability since all servers are redundant.

To be able to migrate servers between different hardware, all our servers are virtualised. In the past we have used OpenVZ virtualisation, nowadays we primarily work with LXC.

Linux and Open Source

Out of conviction, we only use Free Software for all servers and applications. This is why you would not find any Windows servers at dotplex, but only servers running Debian Linux.

Green IT

We care about sustainability: Our servers are optimised for a low power consumption. The data centre runs with 100% energy from renewable sources.

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